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Joanna AngelHalloween is right around the corner, and outside of slutty costumes, Halloween is known as the time of year that many will observe the time-honored tradition of binge watching their favorite horror movies. But as porn connoisseurs, our readers are probably much more interested in watching the porn parody version of these same films. To find out more about the genre, we turned to the master of “porror,” Burning Angel Entertainment’s founder, Joanna Angel.

During her time in the industry, Angel has made a massive impact on both the parody and horror porn niches, reinventing both, and making them her own. Her work speaks not just to the typical porn consumer, but also to the horror and sci-fi fans who appreciate comedy and the unusual, with as much camp as possible!

With titles like Evil Head, Re-Penetrator, and The XXXorcist, Angel knows exactly what her fans want – and she delivers every time.

Check out our exclusive interview with Angel below where she talks about her films, her passion for horror, and her very unique, personal moral code (In response to a classic FMK question, “I don’t believe in marriage, or murder. So I would just fuck all of them”).

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HM: You’ve directed, written, and starred in a number of horror-based parodies during your career. What do you find appealing/sexy about the horror genre?

JA: Horror is just such a sexy genre of film in general. Every good horror movie exploits tits and gore-it’s just such a magical combination that has attracted a strong cult following for so many years.

What’s your favorite horror flick and director of all time?

It’s hard to really pick a favorite. I love so many different types of horror movies. Like, I love the old school Universal ones, like the original Frankenstein and The Mummy-those movies will be classics forever and I will never get sick of them. I really love John Carpenter. Michael Myers is my favorite killer. I like most of the movies in the Halloween series, but the first one is my favorite. If i just had to pick one favorite horror movie – well, Evil Dead 2 is probably my favorite. Something magical happened with that movie because I am really not crazy about anything else Sam Raimi or Bruce Campbell has ever done. Nothing either of those guys do will ever compare to that!

If you could pick any horror movie, which 3 would you most want to see turned into a parody?

I mean, hasn’t every horror movie been turned into a parody? Hasn’t everything ever been turned into a parody? Even as someone who makes parodies herself, I can comfortably say, there are way too many parodies in porn.

What’s your favorite horror parody that you’ve worked on to date?

Making Walking Dead was awesome. That was definitely the most fun one to make!

Evil Head

You released your film Evil Head a little over two years ago to massive critical acclaim, both within the industry and from mainstream media. Tell us about your experience the first time you watched the original, classic film.

Believe it or not, I actually watched it in a film class in college! I took a cult films class (I was a Cinema Studies minor) and we watched it in class. It was mandatory! So not only did I get to watch it, but we as a class all talked about it and dissected it and I got to learn about all the camera techniques in it and stuff. I guess the teacher was basically teaching me how to prepare to make a porn out of it about 12 years later. Ha! But I really fell in love with Bruce Campbell’s character instantly. Ash is truly one of the best characters in the history of film.

Tell us about your process while you were adapting Evil Head from the original. How did you maintain such authenticity from the original?

I have to give the credit of that to Doug Sakmann. I actually wanted to make the movie a little more hokey and silly because that’s kinda just what I do, but he was intent on keeping it more authentic. He had a lot of really amazing contacts within the horror community who made some super authentic-looking props and what not for the movie. Like the NecroCUMicon, haha

Did you ever receive any response or input from the original creators, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell?

A bunch of people tweeted at Bruce Campbell when the movie came out asking if he saw it and at some point he wrote back “I never saw the movie, but I heard it had a happy ending.” I was pleased with that response!

What was it like filming Evil Head? Can you share with us what a typical day was like behind the scenes?

It was the longest days on set we ever had, and by far most difficult film we ever made! Haha. I mean, there were many hours of making faking blood, getting my body painted to look like it was dead. The hardest part for me was wearing the white contacts. I could barely see anything the whole time and they really hurt my eyes! It was also about 110 degrees outside and we shot most of the movie in a loft with no air conditioner- and my costume was a sweatshirt and shorts cuz that’s what Linda wore in the actual movie. Oh yeah, and the big curly 80’s wig was like an extra 15 pounds on my head. One of the days we started at 9 am and ended at 7 am the next morning…and me and Tommy did our sex scene at like 5:30 in the morning. We were so delirious I think it made for some awesome sex! Haha- it sure was a lot different than getting my makeup done, putting on a slutty outfit, and then doing a strip tease and getting fucked on a couch!

Joanna Angel

You brought in Doug Sakmann to helm the film. What drew you to Doug and made you believe he was the right person to adapt such a classic title?

Doug came to me with the idea several times and I thought it was just too big of a project to take on and it intimidated me. And then finally one day I gave in, haha. If it wasn’t for Doug, this movie wold have never happened!

Any plans for an Army of Darkness follow-up?

I have watched and re-watched that movie so many times, and I can’t seem to figure out how to make it into a good porno. Or a porno at all? There’s, like, no girls in that movie. And I have no idea where on earth to find a Medieval-looking set like that. But I haven’t totally given up on it yet; maybe I will figure it out one day!

In Army of Darkness, Ash was sent back to the Middle Ages and was able to bring several modern day items with him that helped him survive. If you were sent back to the middle ages, what 3 modern items would you want to have with you (Note: A Bodywand is already a given and does not count to your 3!)?

A microwave, an iPod, and a very large box of condoms. I would hate for my little vacation to the past result in some old timey case of syphilis!

Your most recently released title is another parody based on a dark classic, A Very Adult Wednesday Addams. Were you a fan of The Addams Family growing up?

Yes! I was. And Wednesday was always my favorite character.

Around the time of A Very Adult Wednesday Addams’ release, a popular web series based on the adult life of Wednesday Addams was taken down after copyright infringement claims. Were you concerned this might affect your film, and was there any push back on it from the copyright holders?

Joanna Angel as Wednesday Addams

Joanna Angel as Wednesday Addams

I was very sad to see that web series get taken down. I thought it was amazing. I mean my movie is a parody of that parody-so hopefully the web series that got sued won’t turn around and sue me! Ha! We haven’t had any problems with any of the parodies we have done in the past. We make it very clear that we don’t have any association with who made the original.

What made you choose to focus solely on Wednesday as the focal point of your parody?

Cuz she is really hot?

What turns you on personally about Wednesday Addams, and what was it like sexualizing such a well-known character?

I had a lot of fun channeling my inner apathetic Goth girl and then getting fucked in the ass.

Fuck/Marry/Kill: Uncle Fester, Lurch, Cousin It?

I don’t believe in marriage, or murder. So I would just fuck all of them.

Outside of those you’ve worked on, what would you consider to be your favorite horror porn parody?

Um, The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol. I know it’s not a porn parody, but it was a horror movie Tommy Pistol made that basically parodied his porn career. Tommy is brilliant-and there is no one else in the world I would rather have zombie sex with.

If you could fuck one classic horror icon (ex., Bruce Campbell/Jason Voorhees/Frankenstein), who would it be?

Definitely Jason. Because I already did fuck Ash, and Frankenstein in my porno parodies! Been there done that!!!

Have you decided on a Halloween costume for this year, and if so, what do you plan on dressing up as?

I found a sexy black swan costume that I really want to wear on one night. And on the other night-I’ll be some kind of zombie nurse or something. I will just take one of my stripper costumes and zombify myself underneath. You know. Zombie school girl, zombie nurse, zombie slut with cat ears-they all work!

Joanna Angel

Of all of your tattoos, which is your favorite, or has the most personal meaning to you?

I love my Statue of Liberty tattoo so much. It’s my favorite tattoo aesthetically and stylistically, it has a few meanings to me. I do love New York City-it’s where I always feel at home and that city really made me who I am. And also, I totally got that tattoo after I broke up with a really shitty boyfriend. The Statue of Liberty represents freedom-and I sure felt free the moment I got that tattoo! Hahaha.

What’s up next for you, and are there any more horror parodies on the schedule?

I am really not sure yet! I keep thinking of ideas and then I look them up and I realize they have been done already. So I will happily take suggestions if anyone has them. I will most likely work on a non-parody horror porno next, similar to the ones I did in the past like Vampire Cheerleaders or Sharkbait-or one of those. I will see! Ideas just kinda come to me at weird times and I act on them when I feel like it. It’s the beauty of being your own boss!

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